I've put together a list of frequently asked questions about the Allergy Adventures® Workshop. But if you've still not found your answer or if you have any other questions, please get in touch via email and hopefully I'll be able to help.


Q: What's included in the workshop's free teacher resources?

A downloadable folder containing onscreen and printable PDFs to help guide you through each lesson easily. The resources include:

• Detailed lesson plans

• Classroom slides

• Pupil activity sheets

• Pupil reward certificates

Visit the teacher resources page to download everything you need to run an Allergy Adventures' lesson.

Q: Who's behind Allergy Adventures® Workshop?

I'd like to say a huge team but it's just me at the helm. I created, designed and edited all the resource materials. Thankfully, I had the support of a team of experts that I called on for guidance during the development of the workshop. You can find out who they are on the about the workshop page.

Q: Can I download and teach an individual lesson instead of all four lessons in the workshop?

Yes. Each lesson has been created so you can teach them as standalone lessons. This makes it easier to fit it into your term if you think teaching four will be a bit of a squeeze. 

Q: How long is each lesson?

50 minutes (approx.) But you have the flexibility to shorten or extend lesson activities to fit within your school timetable. The lesson plans give you guidance for varying the length of the lessons.

Q: Should I teach all four lessons in a certain timescale?

There are no timescales set, your days are squeezed enough! The workshop has the flexibility to fit within your school terms. Teachers can carry out one lesson during a single term, or they might decide to run all four over a designated awareness week; e.g. Allergy Awareness Week, Science Week, Anti-bullying Week, Healthy Eating Week.

Q: Do I have to teach the lessons in order? The cross-contamination lesson fits in nicely with what I'm teaching now.

Go ahead! The lessons have also been designed to run as standalone lessons. Therefore if you decide to teach one of the other lessons in the workshop at a later date, it will help build on their already acquired knowledge.

Q: Can we book you to come in and run the workshop at our school?

Yes, I'd be happy to. I can tailor the workshop to suit your needs, just let me know how many lessons you'd like me to run, and where your school is based. For more detail, visit the book a workshop page.

Q: What materials are needed to run the workshop?

Each detailed lesson plan highlights the specific craft materials and equipment (if any) needed for that lesson. There's nothing out of the ordinary, it's the usual colouring pencils, pens, paper, glue and scissors. Black jumbo straws are probably the most elaborate! 

Q: Can more than one person from the same school sign up to download the resource materials?

Of course.

Q: I've forgotten my password how do I retrieve this?

Bah! Forgetting passwords is easily done, but I'm afraid you will have to sign up again.


If you've still not found your answer or if you have a query, please get in contact via email and I'll do my best to help.

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