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Fun classroom activities and video resources to teach children about food allergies. Play the video to find out more.

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Allergy Adventures┬« Workshop

Introducing the free, fun, four-part teaching resource for schools and teachers. Sign up here to download everything you need to run four lessons about food allergies with your class. Available for two age groups, 5-7 or 7-11 (KS1 or KS2). Teacher resources contain: lesson plans, videos, slides, printable activity sheets and reward certificates.

If you don't have the time to run these lessons yourself, I'm available to come and run them for you. Find out more here.


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The workshop is ideally suited to PSHE lessons, but has cross-curricular links to other core subjects including Science, Literacy, D&T and Art.

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Why teach children about food allergies?

Food allergy affects at least 4-7% of children, with 20% of allergic reactions occurring in school.* And because some can be life-threatening, it's essential that teachers and classmates are prepared. *European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI)

In addition to providing peer-tested, ready-to-use lesson plans for teachers, the workshop helps children learn about the allergies that affect them or their friends. The child-centred, hands-on approach ensures that the key messages will be retained long after the lesson has finished. So you and your pupils will be better equipped to prevent a reaction in the first place, and if the worst happens? They'll know exactly what to do.

Allergy _workshop _quotes

Over to you: See the Allergy Adventures® lesson videos. Or sign up to download the free teaching resources.

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