Remember to always check EVERY food label for allergens

Product ingredients and manufacturing processes change frequently. Always check the label for allergens when buying pre-packaged foods.

  • Serves4
  • Prep (min) 2
  • Cook (min) 5
  • Free from
  • Dairy (DF)
  • Egg (EF)
  • Gluten (GF)
  • Nuts (NF)
  • Peanut (PF)
  • Soya (SF)
  • Sesame (SeF)
  • Shellfish (ShF)
  • Fish (FF)

Top Pops Popcorn!

This little recipe will have you popping mad for more. Remember to let a grown-up check every packet label for allergens (and traces of allergens) before starting to cook.


1 grown-up
80g (1/3 cup) popping kernels (NF, GF)
1 tablespoon sunflower oil
1 teaspoon caster sugar


1. Take one grown-up and put them in charge!

2. Get them to heat the oil over a medium heat with a couple of unpopped kernels in a saucepan, making sure the lid is on! Carefully listen out for the first pop as this means the oil is hot enough.

3. Take the saucepan off the heat, pour in your popping kernels and replace the lid. Now together, count to 30 out loud! 1...2...3...

4. ...28...29...30! Place the saucepan back on a medium heat with the lid firmly on and wait for the pops to begin! Keep it on the heat until you can count two seconds in between pops (it should only take a few minutes) then take your saucepan off the heat.

5. BE CAREFUL the saucepan is very hot. Let the grown-up sprinkle caster sugar over the popped corn and stir to coat every little bit. Pour into a bowl and your tasty treat is ready to serve. Pop-pop perfect!

Take care when eating - if you find any unpopped kernels, pick them out and put them in the bin.