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  • 28 Oct 2015

    Celebrate Halloween with this spooky supper recipe... Zombie 'freefrom' Pasta Bowls!

    Posted: 28 Oct 2015

    IT'S LIVE!! Or should I say ALIVE!!!  You've stocked up on Halloween treats and now you've got dinner sorted too ;) 

    Celebrate Halloween (and scare family & friends) with this simple, 'freefrom' recipe! The not-so-scary part is that these tasty sausage, beetroot & basil pasta bowls are dairy, egg, soya, nut and gluten free too!

    Freefrom sausages!
    I sent a message out on my social sites to see who had the best bangers free from milk, egg, soya, nut and gluten. Turns out... Tesco's Finest Pork Sausages came up trumps, and you lot can't get enough of them!

    They're not branded 'freefrom' so no wonder I've glided past these on previous shopping trips. AND as luck would have it, when I dashed to Tesco's at midnight on Monday these tasty fellas are currently on special offer 2x packs of 6 sausages for £5 OR... the even better deal that Hannah Alexander notified me of on Twitter (big thanks BTW), buy 3x packs of 10 sausages for £10. Stock up your freezers people!

    Watch how simple it is to make Zombie 'freefrom' Pasta Brains in the video above, and find the full recipe details here in the 'For kids' section on my site.

    If you and your little ones dish up this spooky supper for Halloween I'd love to hear from you... or even better, post up a photo of your tasty creation on my Twitter or Facebook pages.

    Wishing you all a safe 'n' spooky Halloween!

    Hailey :)

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