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  • 24 Jul 2015

    See what happened when the Allergy Adventures' Workshop headed North

    Posted: 24 Jul 2015

    You've gotta love parent power.

    Because after a lovely parent promoted the Allergy Adventures' Workshop to their child's head teacher, I was packing up my lab coat and heading to St Andrew's Primary School in Manchester.

    I had organised with the Headteacher to spend a day teaching two lessons from the workshop to a Year 3 class. I would teach the first lesson, and then watch a teacher deliver the second lesson from the back of the class (I'll explain why shortly).

    We chose to teach Lesson 1: What is a food allergy? and Lesson 3: How to avoid cross-contamination. (Click the links to get a taster of the workshop lesson videos.)

    The aim of the visit was to assess how easy it is for teachers - with no background knowledge of allergies - to understand the lesson plans, and teach a fun, fact-filled lesson about food allergies.

    The result?
    I taught the workshop prior to the launch, and loved the fact it was still getting the same positive reaction when the reins were handed over to another teacher.

    The children were really engaged and keen to find out more. We even had time to watch a few of my freefrom recipe videos at the end of the day. They would have watched the entire back catalogue given half a chance!

    Because the class enjoyed the lesson so much, the children who have food allergies felt really proud to be connected with a lesson that was so much fun. They also loved the fact that their friends (and teachers) now understand how they can help keep school a safe place for children with allergies.

    The teacher's report
    The resources received a big thumbs up from Miss Shenton. She found the lesson plans easy to follow and thought the classroom slides and activity sheets looked great. She also loved that the lessons are ready-made and can be taught with little preparation time.

    I also received a mood-boosting email from the headteacher the next day - "Hannah (aka 'Miss Shenton') was very impressed with your teaching skills and the resources." 

    Were there any stumbling blocks?
    Well, I did see slight panic in Miss Shenton's eyes when she realised that one of the activities involved paint. But I had the kids covered. Literally. So it was all good, clean fun, not to mention allergy friendly paint (as some paints can contain allergens).

    Watch the video above to hear Miss Shenton's reaction to the resources, or read this snippet: "The children were really engaged and even I've learnt a lot! The resource materials are really good and the children loved them. It's all set out really clearly, it's really detailed, it's really good!"

    *Cue relief from me*

    School's out for summer (but the workshop's ready for September)
    Obviously all the hard-working teachers are currently sunning themselves on distant beaches. And who can blame them? But come September, the reality of lesson planning will start to bite.

    And that's where the workshop comes in. It contains four lessons with detailed lesson plans and supporting materials that engage children, and help teachers with lesson planning. Plus it helps reinforce the idea that food allergies are just another subject to be talked about. It's a no-brainer.

    If teaching time is tight, I'm available to run the complete workshop for you. Learn more about booking me to run the Allergy Adventures' Workshop.

    OR if you'd like your school to run the Allergy Adventures' Workshop? Send your child's teacher this link that features more information and a video of the workshop in action. And then ask your school to sign up and download the free teaching materials. Simples.


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