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  • 25 Feb 2015

    Free allergy poster - Allergy Adventures collaborates with the Food Standards Agency

    Posted: 25 Feb 2015

    I've been keeping quiet about a brilliant development at Allergy Adventures, but finally I can tell you! So, as Maria Von Trapp would say, 'I'll start at the very beginning...'.

    At last year's Allergy & Free From Show in London, I met the Allergy project team from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) when they visited my stand. They said they'd been following my adventures for a while, loved what I did to spread awareness and understanding about allergies and wouldn't it be good to collaborate in some way?

    Fast forward to November 2014 and since then, that's exactly what we've been doing. Over a series of meetings we agreed that my allergy awareness poster, which has been so popular with nurseries and schools, would be updated to include the top 14 allergens and can then be accessed for free as part of the allergy resources on the FSA website.

    The original poster has always been a hit with teachers because it helps educate children about food allergies in a fun and engaging way. It also includes important safety messages that promote understanding, and encourage compassion for children living with food allergies.

    The good news travelled
    FSA in Wales also wanted the poster to be part of their offer, so they translated it into Welsh and I updated the artwork accordingly. I even recreated the Allergy Adventures' wordmark in Welsh - which was a bit of a challenge as I hand painted the original - but I got there. Croeso i Gymru!

    Then, when I thought their show of support couldn't get any better, the FSA spoke to their colleagues from the Department for Education and - air punch - they were happy to support it too. They even agreed to help share the news about the poster, once it had launched. Amazing!

    The cherry on the free from cake
    A few other partners have been interested as well, which means you could soon be seeing the safety poster popping up in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. An adventure to say the least!

    You, teachers, nurseries, after school club owners and anyone else who'd like it are able to download the Allergy Adventures' Awareness Poster for free from the FSA website at www.food.gov.uk/allergen-resources or you can click on the links below. The poster is intended to be printed out as an A3 document and is available in English and Welsh, as well as in full colour and printer-friendly versions.

    Poster in English
    Allergy Adventures_Awareness_Poster_FULL_COLOUR_A3
    Allergy Adventures_Awareness_Poster_PRINTER_FRIENDLY_A3

    Poster for Wales
    Allergy Adventures_Awareness_Poster_PRINTER_FRIENDLY_A3

    My hard work with Allergy Adventures is starting to be recognised. And although this collaboration with the FSA means that I'm no longer able to sell the poster on my website, the bigger picture is that the message about food allergies will go to a wider audience. Which in turn helps to spread awareness of the two amazing charities who also feature on the poster - Anaphylaxis Campaign and Allergy UK - who both do such great work in supporting those with allergies.

    Would you like to see the Allergy Adventures' awareness poster displayed in your child's school? Please send the link to your child's teacher, or download and print the poster for them.

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