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  • 04 Sep 2014

    Sweet pizza and tomato lollipops - read about my niece's 'free from' birthday party

    Posted: 04 Sep 2014

    August means... birthday time for my niece. And since I pulled out all the stops for her party a  few years ago, I have made an annual rod for my own back.

    So it's good that I love getting creative and making managing food allergies fun, right?

    This year I came up with a Mad Hatter's Tea Party theme. The idea was to make the food:

    a) safe for my niece to eat

    b) really yummy

    c) really weird (but in a good way)

    And it worked!

    My niece's friends were completely confused and delighted by the topsy turvey food. They tried to lick the cherry tomato lollipops and put ketchup on the cake burgers (which was essentially jam and dairy free buttercream in classic American condiment bottles). It was brilliant to see them giggling, but the best part was that they didn't comment on the food being 'different' or 'free from'. It was just cool, fun party food. Get in, 1-0 to 'free from!'

    Scroll down for the Ice Cream Burger recipe video and to download the Pizza Biscuit recipe.

    The fun carried on in the garden where the guests were kept busy with party games.

    Mad Hatter party games in the garden
    'Don't lose your scoop' proved popular as the children struggled to keep an 'ice cream' together (a balloon balanced on a paper cone) during a race down the garden. And 'One lump or two' involved blindfolded children working against the clock to scoop as many 'sugar cubes' (cotton wool balls) as they could out of a bowl. It's a lot harder than it sounds.

    But the game that stole the show, exhausted the children and brought out their healthy competitive streaks, was 'Plate Flip'. This pitted two teams against each other; one team had to turn coloured paper plates face up, the other team had to flip them face down. There was much screeching and mayhem!

    Watch the Burger Ice Cream video and get the Pizza Biscuit recipe
    The Mad Hatter party food proved such a hit with her friends and a fair few of you too on social media sites, that I've put together two recipes to share with you. The party food was tailored to suit my niece's allergies and another party guest who was dairy-free... and myself a coeliac (I didn't want to miss out on the fun), but these two recipes are free from the top nine; dairy, egg, wheat, nuts, peanut, soya, sesame, fish and shellfish.

    Watch the Burger Ice Cream video (where I show you how to turn a wrap into an ice cream cone).

    Download the Pizza Biscuit recipe (no sign up required).

    Pssst! If you like the video and recipe, please share with your friends.

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