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  • 30 Sep 2014

    Allergy Adventures will be at The Allergy and Free From Show North sponsored by Tesco Free From

    Posted: 30 Sep 2014

    I'm packing up my yellow submarine and taking the long and winding road to the spiritual home of the Beatles! Why? Because Allergy Adventures has a stand at The Allergy and Free From Show North sponsored by Tesco Free From.

    This year's show at Liverpool's BT Convention Centre on the 25th and 26th October promises to be a corker; bigger and better than ever before! I'll be there with my crack team of allergy fun specialists, offering paper plate making (get a sneak preview) and story time, where I dance like a monkey and get your kids to join in too. I'll be hosting story time every day at 11am, 1pm and 3pm, so come along and join in the fun.

    VIDEO: See us in action (and a few other familiar faces)…
    I've made a video of what you can expect at the show. Click on the link to watch my latest Allergy & Free From Show North video and get a sneak peek of what it's like before the crowds!

    What else is worth seeing at the show? I interview Robbyn Snow
    *Cough* But apart from my stand full of fun children's crafts and Allergy Adventures' storybooks - what else is worth seeing at the show? I decided the best person to ask was Robbyn Snow, the marketing manager for both the Liverpool and London Allergy and Free From Shows. Robbyn was fizzing with excitement about the show when I caught up with her.

    "This year, not only will the show be even bigger, meaning heaps more to do and see, but the huge number of products that are on offer are getting better and better!"

    I wanted to mention a teeny bit of less-than-favourable feedback I'd heard after the London Allergy show concerning the predominance of 'just' gluten free food, rather than food that caters to people with multiple allergies. Robbyn replied with this heartening news:  

    "Some of the companies that we know are 'free from' dairy, eggs or nuts are Venice Bakery, Amy's Kitchen, Eskal, Isabel's, DS-gluten free and Newburn Bakehouse."

    She also added that there is an increased emphasis on making free from food healthier this year, which is reassuring for those alarmed by the high sugar content of a lot of free from foods. And are there any brands specifically for children?

    "Lots of the companies at the show have kid-friendly offerings. Two examples - Fun Foods 4 All and Venice Bakery both have excellent children's products and are worth checking out."

    And for visitors who might feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stands, Robbyn has some 'must sees' to help you get started (and all are free to attend - bonus):

    • Visit the Newburn Bakehouse Learning Centre where experts will be sharing their knowledge about food allergies and offering useful free allergy advice and tips
    • Watch the live cooking demonstrations in Sainsbury's Kitchen and get freefrom recipes and ideas for children's lunchboxes and mealtimes
    • Fun for kids with Allergy Adventures (as you know!) 
    • Plus, there are loads of charities and professionals there to offer help and advice for your own personal circumstances

    Hand on heart, I did not pay her to add me to the mix! But I would also definitely recommend visiting Anaphylaxis Campaign and Allergy UK. Both are fantastic charities that are always on hand to offer advice and support. 

    Finally, I asked Robbyn if there was anything else she wanted to add.
    "Free tickets!" beamed Robbyn. "We would like to offer unlimited free tickets to everyone via www.allergyshow.co.uk/go/allergyadventures. See you at the show!"

    Will you be at the show? Let me know either in the comments box, or on Facebook / Twitter. I love meeting my cyber followers in real life!

    Oh and don't forget to watch the short video if nothing else, it's worth it for the Oscar winning performance my mum gives near the end of the footage - makes me bust, she cringes. Move over Dame Helen Mirren!

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