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  • 16 Jan 2014

    The Allergy Adventures' Passport Pack arrives in Great Yarmouth and another London clinic!

    Posted: 16 Jan 2014

    Happy New Year!

    Normally January is a month for the blues and, in any other January, I'd be tempted to snuggle down under the duvet and watch a back catalogue of the 'Great British Bake Off.'

    But not this year. Because it is code red, full steam ahead and zero sleep here at Allergy Adventures®! Why? Well, after the launch of the Allergy Adventures® Passport Pack at St Thomas' hospital in London at the end of last year, other hospitals are taking interest.

    After a request from a parent - yes! Parent power! - James Paget Hospital in Great Yarmouth got in touch to find out whether the Allergy Adventures® Passport Pack could be tailored to their needs. With a few design tweaks over the Christmas period (while munching on Mr Frosty Melts), I was able to present the hospital with their bespoke version of the Allergy Adventures® Passport Pack. It will be launching next week and I'm keen to hear if it has made a difference to children and parents visiting the allergy clinic. If your child uses the Allergy Adventures® Passport Pack in Great Yarmouth, please get in touch as I'd love to know what you think!

    Also this week, Dr George du Toit who works at St Thomas' and runs a private allergy clinic, will be starting to use the Allergy Adventures® Passport Pack in his practice. He's one of the leading paediatric allergy specialists in the UK so I'm honoured, flattered and a teeny bit scared!

    What is the Allergy Adventures® Passport Pack?
    Featuring the distinctive maze design and allergy friends from the storybooks, the Allergy Adventures® Passport Pack shows children the journey they will take once inside the allergy clinic. As they complete each stage of the clinic - height and weight check, skin prick tests, etc. - they get a stamp in their passport. And when they've completed their journey, they receive a reward certificate that they can show off with pride!

    The Allergy Adventures® Passport Pack helps to reduce anxiety in children, distract them from the more unpleasant aspects of a trip to the hospital, and gives them a sense of achievement when they complete their journey and receive a certificate.

    The idea was tested extensively in focus groups and the feedback from hospital staff and parents has been extremely positive.

    Would you like to see the Allergy Adventures® Passport Pack in your hospital?
    Then here's what to do. Get in touch with your allergy clinic and send them this link which explains the concept of the passport. Then, if they like the idea, they can email me at: hello@allergyadventures.com or call me on: 01375 379337

    Parent power rules!

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