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  • 02 Mar 2013

    CBeeBies 'I Can Cook' presenter shares her cooking with kids tips

    Posted: 02 Mar 2013

    I know the face doesn't say it but my niece and I love getting creative in the kitchen. Cooking with children can make learning about food fun and it's great to see my niece engage with food and to not see it as something she should avoid and fear.

    Children can be great little helpers and love feeling part of the cooking process, even if the more challenging tasks are left to you. They feel so proud at what they've made (aside from the mess) when the oven timer rings or the freezer time is up. Little things like mixing ingredients, counting the right amount of paper cases in trays, learning the names of fruit and vegetables they might not have come across before, can all help towards building a fun and educational experience.

    So this weekend, Ines and I teamed up for a spot of allergy-free baking. And with Mothers day coming up, what better way to give mum a break and let your child enjoy baking something special for you (with another grown up of course).

    To help, I asked CBeeBies 'I Can Cook' presenter; Katy Ashworth for some tips she found useful when her kitchen is full of children, excited and keen to learn how to cook. 

    One good fact I've picked up - children are more likely to eat food they've enjoyed getting involved with and preparing, than not. So hopefully daddy is reading this post and let's you enjoy mothers day relaxing, while your children and he dish up something yummy in the kitchen.

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