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  • 20 Jun 2013

    BBQ's, burgers and beetroots!

    Posted: 20 Jun 2013

    And now for the weekend weather forecast: A generally bright and breezy day with some sunny spells and showers, which could be heavy at times.

    What's a British BBQ without rain? In true Brit style, we shunned the heavy rain warnings and headed straight for the mixing bowls and spatula for a creative cook up in the kitchen.

    My twin is heavily pregnant at the moment, so bump and her rested, leaving my niece and I to create a burger with a twist - they're pink!

    I love the taste of a good homemade burger, and enjoy exploring all kinds of flavour combinations. That's what's great about burgers, you can start with the basic ingredient and build from there to suit your family's dietary needs and what you're in the mood for. Don't get me wrong, I'm no culinary goddess that can whizz up something magical in the kitchen, some recipes work and some, meh...don't. But since most shop-bought ones contain wheat and egg, it's always been an obvious choice for us to make our own. I guess in other words, you could say I'm a little biased. ;)

    So with our minds on a mini cook up in the kitchen and being a fan of trying new things, I'd heard about people using grated courgette in their burgers to keep them juicy and succulent or others using it as a cunning way to get children to eat more vegetables, clever work! But then we stumbled across beetroot burgers, to the delight of a little girl seeing their unusual pink tinge. We decided to give these a try and added a few extra flavours of our own to create lamb & cumin beetroot burgers. This tasty recipe is free from egg, dairy, soya, wheat & gluten. They're simple to make and great for getting 'little helpers' involved in the cooking process, mixing and shaping the patties. 

    Anyway, I won't ramble on - I'll leave you to try them out for yourselves! Let's hope the sun makes some kind of appearance soon too.

    Please note: Factories processing spices and ground herbs may also process allergenic foods, therefore cross-contamination is high. Always check every product label for allergens when buying pre-packaged foods. Product ingredients and manufacturing processes change frequently.


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