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  • 18 Jul 2013

    Project 'birthday' Party

    Posted: 18 Jul 2013

    It's started... the countdown to niece's birthday has begun. This is like Christmas for me, because I LOVE creating themed birthday parties for my niece. I pull out all the stops, whistles, bells, flashing lights and everything else attention grabbing because as we know, it's probably one of the most difficult times for children with food allergies (& their parents). When 'that' moment comes - hearing the bellowing calls for 'food time' fill the air, along with sinking feelings and hawk eyes, watching my niece kindly having to refuse another sprinkled topped cupcake.

    So this is where I kick some serious...ahem, to show our 'free from' birthday parties allows everyone to be involved in the fun and games, and food!

    I've been busy brainstorming, creating and hatching all sorts of plans and activities for this year's celebrations. Last year The Circus came to town, the year before it was a Flower Fairy Party and this year, due to a little lady having an obsession with secret codes, gadgets and world saving missions; 'Project I72-DAY Party' was born.

    This week Agent Niece was set her first mission - handing out the invites. 

    While I carry on designing and planning the day's activities. I've got just over a month which should be doable with juggling all things Allergy Adventures, but will update you all on her special event here.

    Funny how birthday parties are made to make someone feel special, when my niece loves the fact at hers, it's a time when she gets to feel normal.

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