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  • 03 Feb 2013

    Crumbs...a failed attempt in the kitchen.

    Posted: 03 Feb 2013

    When your diet is restricted due to allergies or intolerances you're driven to extremes by attempting to cook something that looks and tastes like its nemesis 'allergy-fuelled' twin. Unfortunately sometimes these experimental attempts aren't always as successful as you'd hoped (see exhibit A above).

    Today I fancied a little chocolate indulgence (which to be fair, isn't different to many other days). So I attempted baking brownies free-from dairy, egg, soya, nuts and gluten. For me you can't beat a brownie with a squidgy middle centre full of chocolatey gooeyness, you know...the ones with a little bit of crunch on the outside but indulgently soft and fudgy on the inside. So I had a bit of a think, delved through some cook books and of course the beloved Google and spotted people using mashed bananas as a substitute for egg.

    One thing I've found since having to avoid certain allergens in recipes, is that it's pushed me to experiment in the kitchen, trying all sorts of concoctions that I would never have even thought of before. It's made me focus on what really goes inside the food we eat. I guess in a way it's our silver lining, to the allergy cloud. As a family we're eating much healthier now, cooking more nutritious homebake meals and avoiding the fatty take-away's. Anyway, I can't really drone on about the healthy aspect when this is a post about chocolate indulgence...

    ...I settled for using a ripe mashed banana instead of egg, with a mixture of rice flour and Doves gluten-free plain white flour. But after some mixing, melting and uhm...meh...ing. The result wasn't good - a mess of dry chocolate, powdery cake. Every bite left you with a mouthful of crumbs and gasping for pints of water.

    A small little set back in the kitchen, but never the less I'll keep trying various alternatives, until there's a winner to share with you all. Oh well...next!

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