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  • 16 Dec 2013

    Christmas recipes for allergies - we've got it covered

    Posted: 16 Dec 2013

    Because there are only 8 days to go until The Big Day, we know that you are B.U.S.Y. So we're going to do two things.

    1. Keep this short.
    2. Show you where to find seasonal recipes and free from Christmas goodies.

    Ready? Set? Oh and to make this go faster, play some galloping horse type music in your head as you read. Like this.  

    Saddle up people, here goes....

    Over at Pippa Kendrick's gaff, the Intolerant Gourmet has been busy. She knows what it's like to find yourself with nothing to eat at Christmas parties, so she's come up with some allergy friendly solutions. Think savoury miniature tarts, stuffing balls and vegetable crisps. Standby Pippa, we're coming over! See the recipes here.  

    Is your turkey ready and just waiting to be stuffed? (That would be impressive by the way.) Then keep it zingy, simple and allergen free with Delicious Magazine's gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and nut-free mushroom, herb and lemon stuffing.    

    Who cares if you 'shouldn't' eat Yorkshire Puddings with turkey? In our book Yorkshires go with anything. Click here for our gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free Yorkshire Pudding recipe.

    Trimmings, trimmings, trimmings. And definitely gravy. Michelle at Foods Matter has cracked gluten-free gravy and Ruth at What Allergy has done a brilliant round up of allergen-free stock cubes and gravy mixes. And for gluten-free Pigs in Blankets delivered to your door? Check out Green Pasture Farms. Or if you want to make your own, Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Cranberry & Bramley Apple Pork Chipolatas are gluten-free. Just buy a pack of streaky bacon and wrap away!

    And after the savoury blow out comes the sweetness.

    If mince pies are your thing, Pig in the Kitchen has a recipe for mincemeat for us bigger kids. It's a bit alcohol heavy, but well, it's Christmas, and doesn't the alcohol burn off anyway?

    But as baking time runs out, it's time to just throw money at the problem and go shopping. 

    We are LOVING the fact that ASDA's Christmas pudding is nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and egg-free. Weirdly, the packaging doesn't say 'egg-free', but there are no egg products in the ingredients list. As usual, always check the label, then reach for the brandy and get ready to flambé!

    Even if you have a dairy allergy, Bessant and Drury have put ice cream back on the festive menu. Choose from lemon, strawberry, chocolate or vanilla. Or do what we do and have all four. Look, if you're not feeling bloated, you're not doing Christmas properly! Click here to find a stockist near you. And how about making mini Christmas jellies to go with your ice cream? Quick and easy, you just need a festive jelly mould.

    Still with us? Well done! Here endeth our festive gallop around the free from paddock. So off you go and we'll see you back here soon for a round up of the Allergy Adventures® we've had this year.

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