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  • 30 Aug 2013

    Allergy Adventures in Whole Foods Market, Kensington.

    Posted: 30 Aug 2013

    The summer holidays + kids + food shopping = every parent's nightmare. 

    But on August 14th, 2013 parents shopping in Whole Foods Market on Kensington High Street in London were relieved to find that entertainment was on hand. 

    That was the day that Allergy Adventures®- that's me - and Whole Foods Market set out to promote allergy awareness by hosting a Fact Find Hunt at the store. 

    I devised the Fact Find Hunt as a fun way to build allergy awareness and teach children the potentially life-saving skill of hunting for hidden allergens in foods. (Only this time the search for clues led to allergy friendly products, fresh fruit and vegetables with amazing fun facts and recipe ideas).

    And happily, children with (and without) allergies responded enthusiastically. (As did the parents who wanted a welcome break from the tedium of shopping!)

    Lots of children joined in the hunt throughout the day answering questions on the Allergy Adventures® card, tracking down the clues hidden in the store, scanning shelves and packets to find the answers. 

    Once the cards were completed, the children were entered into a prize draw to win a goody box containing the new series of Allergy Adventures® books and a range of free from goodies including yummy CoYo yogurt, chocolate Rice Dream, Orgran Rice & Corn Farm Animal pasta shapes and a selection of quality fresh fruit and vegetables supplied by Whole Foods Market.

    So, did the winner enjoy the prize?

    "Wow! Thanks! My daughter was the winner of this awesome goody box! She just opened it this morning and we have read all 3 books (while sipping on chocolate Rice Dream)! We love the little characters hidden throughout and she is most tickled by the onion ringmaster and the beetroot monkey. We look forward to the nut book! Many thanks!" - Angellique

    So that's a yes then!

    The day was a real success and it was great to see children having fun while learning how to manage their allergies. And hopefully, the children who took part will also retain some of the 'unbelievable, but true' facts about food that were dotted around the store.

    Did YOU know that broccoli is loaded with calcium and the longest carrot ever recorded measures 5.841 metres? 

    Now that's a LOT of carrot soup...!

    If you're keen to see the FACT FIND HUNT in action, here's a short YouTube clip with a super sleuth on the case.

    Allergy Adventures® would like to say a massive thank-you to everyone for attending the allergy awareness event and also to Ruth Holroyd from What Allergy who joined us and provided a much needed extra pair of hands! Plus, an even bigger thank you to Whole Foods Market, Kensington for their support in helping make the day a success.

    More Allergy Adventures events are being planned in Whole Foods Market across the UK, so watch this space! If you'd like to know when the next one is happening, please sign up to the Allergy Adventures®  newsletter shown on the envelope below.

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