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  • 23 Aug 2013

    A birthday bake

    Posted: 23 Aug 2013

    The birthday preparations are underway. Party theme designed - check, party bags - check, games planned - check, party food - um...in progress. 

    Yesterday morning I posted a mid-progress bake on my Facebook page as I attempt to make 'cake pops' for my niece's TOP SECRET MISSION party on Saturday. Having never made these before, the experiment is still in its optimistic stage. I'm thinking if I turn 'cake pops' upside down and stick a cherry inside, I could create 'Cherry Chocolate Bombs' well...at least that's the plan. They're currently in the freezer waiting to be covered, but if they turn out to be a disaster, then here's the recipe for the chocolate sponge cake you see above, that a few of you were asking for.

    This recipe has always been a winner for me, inspired by the lovely lot over at The Vegan Society. I've adapted it slightly and lovingly swamped it in dairy free buttercream (the sponge needs a bit of a sweet kick!) It's light, every bit indulgent and to boot, free from egg, dairy, nuts, soya and gluten. I made this second sponge cake yesterday evening to show the recipe in its more 'successful' stage (the Cherry Chocolate Bombs may never see the light of day ;) but I'm always up for an experiment in the kitchen. This recipe is also so quick and easy to make, it's perfect to get little helpers involved too.

    I'm sure you're no stranger to this rule, but please always check every product label for allergens before consuming. Manufacturing processes and product ingredients change frequently without notification.

    Enjoy the bake! x

    The cake bit...
    175g Doves gluten free self raising flour
    100g sugar
    2x tsp gluten free baking powder
    25g cocoa powder
    110g Vitalite dairy free margarine
    200ml cold water
    1x tsp vanilla extract

    The filling...
    100g Vitalite dairy free margarine
    250g Whitworths icing sugar
    2x tbsp cocoa powder

    1. Preheat your oven to 190˚C, gas mark 5 or 375F
    2. Start with the sponge by sieving dry ingredients into a large bowl
    3. Melt the margarine (blast for 10 secs in a microwave or heat in a saucepan) and combine with the dry ingredients. Then add the cold water and mix thoroughly (at this stage you might think the mixture is too runny. Fear not, you're on track).
    4. Grease two round cake tins (8inch/20cm) and pour the mixture equally into both.
    5. Bake for 25-30 minutes, then turn cakes bases out on to a wire rack to cool. Resist the temptation to dig in and distract yourself by making the filling.
    6. Beat the margarine in a bowl until soft. Then add the icing sugar and cocoa powder and combine together to form a thick-ish paste. Loosen with 1-2 tablespoon of water (if needed).
    7. Spread the filling over the top of both sponges, then carefully place one base on top of the other. Step back and feel chuffed at your domestic goddess creation.
    8. Reward yourself by cutting a big massive wedge.


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