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  • 24 Apr 2013

    The first set of books get printed.

    Posted: 24 Apr 2013

    Eek...a sickly, scary moment combined with thrills of excitement, knowing there's no going back now as I hear the print press chug through pages and pages of books at ten to the dozen. Although, unlike the monotone chug of a train carriage rocking you to sleep, these bad boys chug like the bassline beat coming from a youngster's car with his windows down. 

    I managed to resist breaking into a dance routine, donning white gloves and a whistle. But I couldn't stop smiling as I saw my first set of books coming off the printing press.

    I've been a graphic designer in London for the last 12 years, so I'm no stranger to printers' warehouses. I actually really enjoy meeting the team and soaking up their knowledge of working with these machines day in and day out. These printers are no exception, they've been so helpful along this journey of mine. So many calls have been going back and fourth that they've become a little family down there and really interested in what I'm doing. Even Kim, who I've shared endless calls with, along this printing process, is allergic to peanuts and soya. So she was always keen to hear how I was getting on.

    But I can't believe after nearly two years of working on this, creating stories and characters for children with food allergies, to see it all come together is just amazing, truly amazing. 

    To think it all started because of a special little girl in my life - my niece, who's allergic to egg and I myself diagnosed with coeliac disease...and as they say, every cloud...

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