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  • 08 Dec 2012

    The Yorkshire pud allergy challenge!

    Posted: 08 Dec 2012

    With Christmas fast approaching, my niece and I decided to set ourselves a little allergy challenge in the kitchen. Our task...to make gluten, egg, soy, nut and dairy-free Yorkshire puddings that actually rise!

    Ambitious I know, but what's a Christmas dinner without Yorkshires. Excited at the thought, we donned our aprons, slid out the baking tin, my niece grabbed a whisk and I, for some reason a slotted spoon (I guess it was close to hand when my twin took the photo?!) Storming ahead with our challenge, we scoured the internet for insights and tips to create the ultimate allergy-friendly recipe!

    I knew from years of previous attempts I'd only managed flat flying discs (see photo above of exhibit A on the right), rather than the crispy, golden, towering puds, we're all used to seeing. I had to find an unusual method I hadn't tried or ingredient that was going to take us to the next level. We started our task at 11.29am and by 14.43 we'd cracked it. Well, I say 'we', for the last two hours my niece had sloped off at the sheer boredom of failed attempts. I tried to explain to her 'Rome wasn't built in a day' but I think this confused her more. Getting Yorkshires to rise was tough enough for her, so why would we start getting into monumental constructions? 

    As I moved on (alone) I knew I was getting closer, tweaking and adapting bits to resemble this British classic we all know and love. And then, I stumbled upon a game changing ingredient...fizzy water! *hallelujah* Of course, why didn't 'we' think of using this before (thanks to Delicious magazine for the inspiration). Just by adding this secret ingredient to the mix, brought us on leaps and bounds. Our mission was completed and to show for it, a mountain of washing up to boot! But I didn't care, we'd just made Yorkshire puddings, free-from the top 8 allergens...and got them to rise to the occasion! I've uploaded the recipe for you to try, just click on the link.

    Merry Christmas and enjoy!

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