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  • 22 Dec 2012

    A festive free-from bake

    Posted: 22 Dec 2012

    I'll be honest, they're not the best looking mince pies but they did taste great. A crisp shortcrust pastry with added orange zest, free-from dairy, gluten, nuts, egg and soya.

    It can be hard around this seasonal festivity with plates of traditional mince pies scattered everywhere to tempt you in. They seem to be the focal point of business meeting's, supermarket counters or even popping round to see friends and family while you make the tactical present drop-off.

    So, this year I made sure I was armed with homemade allergy-free mince pies. By adding orange zest and juice to the pastry crust, it gave these pies a wonderful zing (although if you have an allergy to citrus fruit, leave this out, they'll still taste good). Even those without allergies seemed to enjoy their flavour and texture with complimentary groans.

    It's good to note when shopping for ingredients, always check every label for allergens and factory processing methods first. I used Stork margarine (75% vegetable fat) Perfect for Pastry 250g block, wrapped in paper - which is dairy-free and soya-free. Much confusion has arisen in the past as Stork sold in tubs contains buttermilk - which is not dairy-free, so please be aware and always check the label before consuming.  When buying your jar of mincemeat, again please remember to check the label, as what might seem 'luxury' for some, is far from luxury to others with nuts being used as an ingredient or it's been made in a factory that handles nuts.

    All in all, I was really pleased with the results, only next year I'll work on my presentation and try to hold back on the generous filling. One good tip - icing sugar hides a multitude of sins, so liberally dust if yours explode too! Just be aware that most icing sugar's contain egg or traces of egg, so I used Whitworths Superfine Icing Sugar which is egg-free. 

    Wishing you all a happy 'free from' festive Christmas. See you in the New Year for more exciting adventures...



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