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  • 20 Aug 2011

    Our egg-free flower fairy birthday party!

    Posted: 20 Aug 2011

    Children's birthday parties are stressful. Throw a food allergy into the mix and you'll add the challenges of sourcing free from food and heightened stress levels to boot. For the record, I love birthdays. In fact, I love any celebration for which I can put my creative brain and graphic design skills to use. Every year I'll spread the love and post my niece's birthday party here with ideas and games to help inspire a themed party of your own.

    As this is the first post, our party food was focused around being egg-free. So I'll avoid going into too much detail and just expand on the games we played.

    Ines turned five this year and like many girls that age, she spends most of her time parading around in pink tutus, angel wings and thinking she's a princess for the best part of the day. Her current obsession is with Tinkerbell, so this year I came up with a Flower Fairy themed party.

    We kicked off with a countdown to the big day from Tink. In the week before her party I emailed a special picture message every day to my niece, making it look like it was from the pixie princess herself *wink, wink,* which built up her excitement no end. I also got Grandma on the case of making flower fairy headdresses, using foliage from her garden so we could all look the part.

    On the day of the party, we all donned our head-gear and started the first activity - making egg-free marzipan frogs. It's lucky I'm here to tell you what these are, as it would be hard to guess from the picture above (the one resembling green blobs on a plate. I can honestly say, that no amount of kissing would turn these into princes). We then made a honeycomb treasure mountain with more success. Afterwards, Ines was deep in party mode while I cracked on in the kitchen.

    Lots of "mmmmmm"s later, we'd finished our feast and moved onto playing 'kiss the frog prince!' - my fairy-fied take on 'pin the tail on the donkey'. We all puckered up with bright red lipstick (which Ines loved) and blindly tried to kiss the frog's picture; whoever's closest to his lips wins. But when it came to my niece's turn, I quickly switched the picture to a prince. I'll never forget the look of amazement when she took her blindfold off.

    We then played a round of 'pass the pixie parcel'. All the prizes were mini snack-sized treats, mini notebooks, mini pens and colouring pencils - you get the idea - everything was mini building on the pixie theme.

    The day was polished off with a sing-song of Happy Birthday and a big wedge of egg-free birthday cake. I'm pleased to say it was a resounding success, and thoughts of her sixth are already taking up space in my mind…

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