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It all started...

...with my niece
and a boiled egg.

Within minutes she was on her way to A&E where she was diagnosed with a egg allergy at just eight months old.

My sister left the hospital overwhelmed with emotions, wondering how she could protect her child and keep her safe.

As the years passed, we navigated through the allergy maze. Always looking for the safe path around the challenges of food allergies.

It runs in the family.

I have coeliac disease (I can’t eat gluten), so I know how it feels to miss out on food that others can eat. My niece found it hard and as she grew older, she realised that she was ‘different’ to her friends. And then I realised that allergies are just as damaging to children emotionally as they are physically.

Breaking point.

One day my niece watched her class eat a birthday cake that she couldn’t have. She came home in tears and I knew I had to try and help. So I started Allergy Adventures® to help children look at food allergies in a different way. I focus on all the foods they can eat and all the fun that is still possible with allergies.

There’s no doubt food allergies are serious, but I thought why can’t learning to manage them be seriously good fun?

Allergy Adventures® is not just for kids. Teachers, parents, nursery staff and friends can use the products to learn about allergies and to help promote safety around food.

My allergy quest continues...

Creating this positive, exciting world for children with food allergies has not been a gluten-free piece of cake. But I’ve had some amazing help along the way and I just want to say a heartfelt thank-you to those who have helped bring Allergy Adventures® to life.

And now, on with my quest to teach children that having an allergy should never stop them from living a safe, happy and healthy life...filled with fun and adventure!

Allergy adventures. A world of series fun.